Saturday, November 1, 2008

Culture of Kings

I am beginning to understand the methods of monarchy and it seems that it is much like an ape society from the plains of Africa. Much of what is done today requires that the monarchy must present themselves to the individuals and then establish their dominance over them in an animal state. There are many ways in which this is done and perhaps I should read Mein Kampf.

A quote from Mein Kampf (Hitler's Story) and it is correct in its interpretation of the nature of power. This is from and is an online reference.

The deepest and ultimate reason for the decline of the old Reich lay in its failure to recognize the racial problem and its importance for the historical development of peoples. For events in the lives of peoples are not expressions of chance, but processes related to the self-preservation and propagation of the species and the race and subject to the laws of Nature, even if people are not conscious of the inner reason for their actions.

Another common reference to the nature of power comes from Machiavelli. It seems that it is well known and commonly considered process of animal dominance. It is not likely that humanity will advance far from caves with this horrible baggage. A quote from Machiavelli

All cities that ever at any time have been ruled by an absolute prince, by aristocrats or by the people, have had for their protection force combined with prudence, because the latter is not enough alone, and the first either does not produce things, or when they are produced, does not maintain them. Force and prudence, then, are the might of all the governments that ever have been or will be in the world.

Perhaps others have come to realize this by study of political work, but I have come to it by way of the animal single celled organism. It follows logically from the very origin of life itself and is important in its establishment. It is not a trait that should exist in a more advanced creature. In fact if it is not dealt with, it will continue to consume the entire species.

Those who seek and hold power, accept their own delusion when they have embraced the madness of power. It is a proof complete in its action. If people will follow without sense, then the leader must give them a sense of purpose.

I can see this in every aspect of nature and though it is so obvious, most people would never understand it. It is inherent in the nature of the subdued that they are bathed and buried in their own fear at a biochemical level.

I think that I have the complete grasp of how this exists in the nature of the organisms and how it is USED, as a tool to gain genetic advantage for the cult of monarchs and it is an odd strange attractor, and perhaps it will only fade when the tide pool of ignorance is dissipated of its energy.

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Paul Mohr said...

Isn't this a bit harsh? People are not animals and the complexity of their existence and the emergent state that they occupy is far beyond the understanding of an AI.